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How to get on Hydra's website

Зайти на сайт Hydra - крупнейший анонимный магазин особых товаров.

Крупнейшая в теневом РУнете анонимная торговая сеть по продаже ПАВ, в которой только надежные продавцы. 
Весь ресурс HYDRA, зашифрован по такому принципу, что даже создатели не могут прочесть базу! Забудь о сторонних мессенджерах, используй личные сообщения для ведения конфендициальных переговоров! После прочтения сжечь, своя система Privnote! Личный баланс пополняемый с анонимной системы Bitcoin!
Остерегайтесь мошеннических ссылок на сайт. У настоящей гидры в ClearNet только один правильный адрес:

Что такое сайт Hydra ?

Крупнейший магазин hydra в Tor

Deals on Hydra

Deals on Hydra are made as a simple online store, but cryptocurrency (bitcoins) is used for calculation. To receive their order, the customer does not have to wait for the parcel to be sent to the Russian Post. All goods are transferred by the method of bookmarks, treasures or organized caches from which you can pick up the goods. Telegram is used to discuss the terms of the transfer, in which the client and the seller can conduct private correspondence.


Additional Features

If you have questions about working with Hydra mirrors, you can always ask them to the operator by writing in an online chat on the site. Also, the specialist can, at your request, drop alternative links to the hydra, which can get round-the-clock access to the site.


Shopping on Hydra – rules of trade

To buy and sell goods on Hydra, the user has to first replenish his balance. All calculations on the site are carried out with the help of cryptocurrency (bitcoins). The choice fell on them because this payment system does not belong to any state in the world and the user can safely trade and save bitcoins without fear that his history of transactions and account balance will become the property of tax services and law enforcement agencies. To make their first purchase, the user will log in to Hydra, log in and open the home page. You can find the products you're interested in with a well-thought-out search engine, where you can set your own search parameters. After that, before the customer there will be stores with interesting products, where it will be left only to choose the goods, pay for the purchase and wait for the parcel. After payment, the customer will be contacted by the seller, who will explain in detail when and how to pick up the goods. If you have questions left, you can always ask them online chat support professionals to help solve many problems.


Registration on Hydra – what a beginner needs to know

To become a Hydra customer and make your first purchase, the user will have to register for the project. To do this, he will need to do the following: Enter Hydra's website and click on the Registration button; In the open window to enter the invented login and password (necessary to enter the site); To come up with a nickname under which the user will be visible to everyone on the site (sellers, operators, other users, administrators, etc.); Introduce the kapcha. After this set of actions, the user will have the rules of the Hydra site, which you must agree with (if you do not agree, you will not be able to register). It will be left only to choose the country and the city in which you want to receive goods and services and start trading.


First purchase on Hydra – working with the site

To make the first purchase on Hydra, the client will have to top up his account. The cryptocurrency bitcoin is used as a calculated currency, the actions with which no tax service in the world can track. If you don't have a bitcoin wallet, don't despair. On the hydra website there is a service "Exchanger" where the client can quickly get the cryptocurrency in the right volume at a favorable rate – it is enough to enter the money into the system in a convenient way. The second way to get bitcoins is to use the services of shops. Many departments offer their clients to get bitcoins on favorable terms. Once the balance is replenished, the customer can start choosing goods and services, which are presented in a wide range on the site.

Как еще попасть на сайт Гидра?

Вам достаточно просто перейти по ссылке http://hydraruzxpnew4af.onion, но если Вам интересен более надежный вариант, то представляем Tor Browser,  просто кликнете и попадете на защищенное тор соединение.

Tor browser and hydra

Tor browser и сайт Hydra

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